Inscrutable Cities is out now!

Happy Fall! Get all your fabulist journaling lyric RPG & "mentally I'm here" needs met with Inscrutable Cities!

Version 0.9 (see attached) is an illustrated & interactive PDF ready to play. Version 1.0 proper will include booklet print spreads & an array of accessibility options. There's also some super secret but incredibly cool bells and whistles in the works.

While I'm done with early play-testing, I'm always open to hearing about how people are actually playing, if they want to share that with me. One friend of mine got super intense and serious and appears to have written a novella in longhand based on his session, while another told me they got very drunk during their own session and fixated on the coin flipping part, requesting "more coin flipping." I enjoy these sorts of anecdotes even if I don't necessarily incorporate all of their notes. I'm so happy to have written something that, frankly, allows us to "travel" together right now.

Thank you again for supporting this project!

- Julian


INSCRUTABLE CITIES - Full Color Interactive Screen Version 0.9.pdf 7 MB
Sep 22, 2020

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This may seem like a strangely belated comment (I'm sorry) but I happened in this game by chance and fell in love.

I really liked a wonderful array of choices, rituals, and clear framework and tender wrapping around it all. I also love the unashamedly fabulist aspect throughout it all. I'm happy this work intersected with my life today.


Thank you so much!


Thank you! I've been looking forward to this.