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Inscrutable Cities

​A fabulist journaling game about conjuring a new world into being by traveling through it. · By Julian K. Jarboe


Recent updates

Inscrutable Cities is out now!
Happy Fall! Get all your fabulist journaling lyric RPG & "mentally I'm here" needs met with Inscrutable Cities ! Version 0.9 (see attached) is an illustrated &...
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Seeking Playtesters for Development Draft!
Inscrutable Cities is in a state that it could be played! What will eventually make the cut for revision to the released version in September 2020 now largely d...
Some approaches to making the pleasure of words into a game mechanic
When I first started sketching out the basic idea for Inscrutable Cities , I knew that it would (1.) have to have a loop that echoed the miniature chapters/vig...

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